Game of Thrones over? 15 thrilling shows to watch

Game of Thrones will end soon and fans will need another source of entertainment before the sadness of a great show takes over. Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of great shows for all Game of Thrones fans who watch it for different purposes.

1. Vikings

If you haven’t seen this show, it’s time to start now. Game of Thrones will be over soon and those who loved the politics, the blood, gore and sex. It’s all in this show. The show follows Ragnar Lothbrok, an intense character who doesn’t bend in front of anyone, and his adventures of captures and raid. A thrill ride indeed and a must watch for all the Game of Thrones fans.

2. The Last Kingdom

Again, the cinematography is great in this show and matches with Game of Thrones very much. The period is the same as that of Vikings. A great drama with a very similar Vikings era plot although has completely different characters and a different storyline. If you have seen Vikings also, watch this one next.

3. Spartacus

Another show set in the past filled flowing bloody scenes and sexual content from the start. The main theme that goes around this show is violence so watch it for that. Fight scenes are really engaging and look pretty great to watch.

4. Black Sails

For all those who pirates and their adventures, all those people who have enjoyed the timeless classics Moby Dick, Treasure Island and Captain Blood. This is the show for all of the pirate lovers. An intense drama with great adrenaline rush and the cinematography and setting is a treat to the eyes. Don’t wait and put this on hold if you have loved pirate adventures. This is a must watch.

5. Outlander

If you have mild interest in violence but would love to accompany a female lead with a tinge of romance, thrill and bygone era setting, then this show is for you. It has some Sci-fi content too but you will love the concept. A great ride of adventure for all the romantics out there. Go drop everything and watch this one.

Binge Worthy new Shows- What to watch after Game of Thrones

1. Frankestein Chronicles

Look and dive deeper into a new show with your GoT season 1 star Ned Stark. We see a lot of chopping and investigation in this series. Derived from the famous work of Mary Shelley. The series has less moments of horror and more into the investigation part so in case you are coming for just horror, you will be disappointed a little. But, nevertheless a great show to watch. What to watch after Game of Thrones then if you have Ned Stark starring here as the lead.

2. Altered Carbon

This show looks more scientific yet it’s all pseudo science but nevertheless a joyride of thrill. If you haven’t seen this one yet, give it some time of your day and maybe you will like it.

3. You

Well this is just an amazing show in case you have missed it. The script is great and so is the background first person narration. It will remind you of Dexter sometimes but he isn’t, he is different, he is all about YOU.

4. The Alienist

An intriguing investigations about murders. This show is all about connecting dots and investigations. Yes it has its good moments. Very less episodes but a great watch for people loving dramas of yore.

5. Dark

If you love sci-fi, and you enjoyed watching Back to the Future, then don’t waste any more time and watch this show ASAP. It’s a German show but a great one at that. A completely binge worthy show.

6. Blacklist

You love mind games, police hide and seek, some mind boggling politics. Look no more as this will give you ample satisfaction and will keep you on your wits. Amazing show and a binge worthy watch.

7. Reign

If you enjoy period pieces and some drama for throne, then this is something you may like. Very less action and blood in the show so don’t expect much in that regards.

8. Peaky Blinders

A great show to watch. More like the Godfather series and it has the intensity of some serious drama. If you loved Godfather or have grown up watching that then watch this show. Again a binge worthy show to look up to.

9. Frontier

A period piece but ominous in nature. Watch the Khaleesi husband in this epic adventure and enjoy the adrenaline rush and it is binge worthy. Loved it. What to watch after Game of Thrones then if you have a GoT character here already.

10. Godless

Watch this show if you loved the Cowboy style dramas and this show is all about revenge, betrayal and brotherhood. An amazingly directed intense show. Do give this a shot.

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